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Customizing user interface

It would be really nice to be able to build a customized dashboard. Any plans of developing this inte the future? A quick peek on Homekit, where you can add backgrounds etc.
But really the most desireable would be something like Irule, where you could do pretty much everything in the layout would be best.


Hi @engdahl.bengt, moved the topic to the new category, Suggestions.

Regarding your idea. It sure would be interesting but there aren’t currently any plans as of now. I believe that someone just might do such a dashboard when the REST API is released.

Not sure what Homekit, or Irule dashboards look like, but what I would like is a way to show and organize data. Temperature data from a sensor shown as a graph, median lux value during the hours of the day, energy or water consumption. Time since the robot lawn-mower/vacuum cleaner/other robot was active. That data could be used to make decisions or be used as input in automations. Maybe even use external data sources, like weather forecasts or bus/train/subway timetables?

This is more than just a UI of course, but it also needs a dashboard!


This sounds interesting. Where can I find more information about this?

Status update on this anyone? Has anything been done towards this dashboard-thingy? I too would find it very useful to organize data/graphs like this. Maybe even tabs to further distinguish between types of data