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Animus Heart?

D-link cameras

I have two d-link cameras that I would like to add to :animusheart:

I see two d-link cameras in the list of supported products, but not my models.

In add new device it seems there is only support for Foscam and Other. I have been trying both but cannot find my cameras.

Has anyone setup d-link cameras? Any suggestions?


Hi @frodeatifs, first of all, do you know if these cameras support RTSP? If no, then the answer will probably be “it’s not possible”.

If yes, then I would use the “other”-guide and go for manual setup.
Make sure your camera is in the same network and type in the IP-address, port and path. This has been tried?
Sometimes you might need to make changes in the camera settings to open the RTSP on your camera.

Also adding what camera models they are could help solve your questions faster.

Hi have the D-link DCS-8010LH, but having the same problem.

In the speccs it says that it has RTSP, but i think it’s not activated.

Hi @kristoffer.hanquist and welcome! First of we need to check that your dlink camera are able to send stream through rtsp. I only googled a couple of minutes but it seems like it depends on which firmware you have in the camera… Over 2.0 dlink have disabled the rtsp-function. Strange :thinking:

If you have that firmware its hard to help you out since it doesn’t seems to be a way to downgrade either and :animusheart: (and most 3-party applications overall) uses rtsp to stream over network.

any suggestion on cameras that works with animus? other than axxis or foscam

I have 4 d-links (relatively old) and 2 reolinks working - all were configured via ‘other’.


Step1: Make sure you are on the same network, I had cameras / heart on 2.4 and 5ghz respectively :slight_smile:

After fixing this it was a piece of cake using ‘Other’. I had to enter IPs manually, scanning did not help. I used suggested port and path. Luckily I found an old note for cameras username/pwd.

The camera-streams are available but it seems I cannot take advantage of sound or motion-detectors.

I have modern cameras 8525lh and 8300lh. Seems they are compatible with IFTTT and even Philips Hue which I may experiement with on some rainy day. Even Google Home and Alexa are compatible but I don’t have those.



forgot to add in the details of what was working, the cameras are:
2 x DCS-4602EV
2 x Reolink RLC-410-5MP (the path is bit strange for this but ‘other’ worked),
they are all wired with POE,


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