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Danaloc Firmware update


just want to share some learnings with my danaloc v3 locks in connection to the Animus heart.

I have had issues of and on since I bought these locks (2of them) for approximatley 1 year.
I have tried range extenders (even thout they are within 10 meters from the Heart, but with varying success.

I have decided to solve this or replace them because frankly they should just work.
Today I resetted the locks, added them to the danaloc app and in it I was able to review the FW of the locks, one was on 0.9.x and the other was on 0.11.x. The latest release is 0.16.0 and after an update (possible via the app use server option) I added the locks to my Heart and now they just work…
Seems much more responsive and stable and if you struggle with your Danalocs it could be a good idea to start with the FW, did the trick for me at least.

All the best

btw @vato any news on release v3.0?