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Danalock V3 "Device is offline"

I recently bought a Danalock V3 Scandi BTZE and i’ve included it to the heart without any issues. I didn’t purchase the Danalock Bridge, since I thought that the Animus would do the job for it. My entrance is one floor down from the heart (that sits in a rack), but I have a z-wave repeater next to it and the z-wave range should cover the entrance with ease, since my lamps are working.

Sometimes however it says “Device is offline” in the app, and I have to stand next to it, open the danalock app to get it back online.

Any thoughts about this?


I have similar issues with 2 Dana locks and I keep reverting to resetting the animus heart to factory default every 4-6 months, seems like the integration could be improved…

The Heart failed to receive a sync message from the lock. If one message fails then it will be set to offline until a next message is received. Thus the status can be offline for a couple of minutes until the Heart tries to sync again.

If you press the “refresh” button on the Animus App when the lock is offline, does it change status or are you required to open the Danalock app?


According to my experience it sometimes recover but more likely it remains offline.

The latest Heart framework (v2.1.0) has improved Z-wave for FLiRS, it will be good for you to test this once it is released, we are sending out a Beta 2 to our beta users right now. If everything goes well it will be released to everyone else shortly.

Also, check that you have the latest firmware on your Danalock.

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Will it be possible to take part in the beta testing?