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Animus Heart?

Danalock V3 Scandi - Bluetooth + Z-Wave+

Any one who has this with there animus?

I want to be sure that i can connect it to animus before bying. can’t find it in “add device”.

yes i do have it and you can add device :wink:

here are is a list over devices



@kristoffer.hanquist When you add it with S2 you will need a code. The code is hidden under the battery-lid of the Danalock :stuck_out_tongue: Very easy to miss

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Thank you so much for writing this post. I was struggling for a day before I found this. I was able to add it without security but then the functionality to lock and open was missing in the device. But finding the “missing” five digits made it work.

For those of you who are trying this too: While trying to make this work I added and removed the device a couple of times and not every time, I was asked to add the missing digits in the S2 security code. So after being able to find the code under the battery lid, thanks to Vigge, it didn’t work immediately because I wasn’t requested to give the code the first time. But I removed it and tried again and then it worked.