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Animus Heart?

Data usage limitation?

I wounder why there is a limitation on Rest Requests (1000/24h) and Websockets messages (7000/24h)? Does really local area requests/messages need to be limited?

I’m interested in collecting sensors data (temp, humidity, light, co2, etc) and tried to use API websockets. Pretty quickly i hit the limit due to power reporting units in my network (e.g. QUBINO Flush 1 Relay).

A MQTT Broker solution would be really neat solution to be able to subscribe to only interesting data from the heart. Maybe i can turn of consumption reporting on my spamming devices but it feels a bit tediously.


Indeed, I also have this question. I don’t understand why a read operation needs to be limited. If it were writing stuff, sure… Please explain?

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From what I’ve heard this was to prevent premature failure of the internal storage due to consecutive writing. Not sure if this is true or not and beeing this conservative is really needed. Perhaps a dev could chime in?

Could be resolved by writing whatever needs to be stored to RAM instead or dumping the needed writes to a USB-stick for those of us that want to really hammer that API.


I’ve played with the websocket api, and by connecting to the events endpoint (/heart/events) you can catch all sensor events without using your request quota (well, one message is used for authentication). Or maybe I’m missing something, like you won’t get all data through this “event stream”?
I only got one telldus thermometer and one zwave switch, but i get all values from these two.