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Animus Heart?

Decide which parameter to expose/publish to HomeKit for Z-wave/Fibaro switches

I’ve just managed to connect my Fibaro dimmer switches to HomeKit through Animus heart - everything works really nicely except that the light status when using the physical switches connected to the dimmer isn’t reflected in Animus Heart nor HomeKit. After a little searching I found that Animus Heart publishes the “Endpoint 1” or “Endpoint 2” parameters from the Fibaro dimmer to HomeKit, whilst the parameter “Root device” is the one that is controlled by the physical switch and can be used to dim the light from Animus Heart too. If the HomeKit integration used the “Root device” instead everything would work magically and I would have a nice two-way sync between the Animus App/HomeKit and the light regardless if I turn it on through the app or by physically clicking the button (and updated instantly). Is there any way to change this setting myself or any chance that this is fixed in a later update? Thanks a lot!