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Door sensor that trigger a hue lamp, but only after sunset

Hi there.
I have a door sensor that i want to trigger a porch light, but only after sunset.

I have no problem creating a automation that activate the sensor at a sertain time but not at sunset.
Any ideas, am I missing something?

Hi @Nicke, one solution that I can think of is this:

  1. Create an automation which sets a “global state” for sunset/sunrise. (in reality it’s a virtual on/off device which can be set to on when the sun sets and off when the sun rises). So, this automation can for example look like this WHEN: sunset -> AND: [nothing here] -> THEN: “that virtual device” = on.
  2. Now create your automation for the light. Which would be WHEN: door sensor open -> AND: “that virtual device” = on -> THEN: Turn on porch-light

Hope I understood your case correctly.


Brilliant Vigge thanks a lot.

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