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Emergency STOP button for automations


I have a simple trick for preventing automations from running if the circumstances require it. If for some reason I don’t want the lights to turn them selves on or off automatically.

To do this I created a dummy-switch that I call STOPP (norwegian for STOP :smiley:). Then I add a check in every automation I want this appied to:

AND switch STOPP is OFF 

Now when I switch STOPP to ON, the automations that have this check built in will not run.


That was a new and quite innovative automation tip for me. Thanks!


I heard that it’s getting more common for paramedics to not be able to turn on lights when they get to a emergency situation in someones smart home. Before everyone had light switches in similar places. Now, every smart home has a different command or switch or thingie. Maybe we need a standard for emergencies? A button by the front door that turn on enough light in every room. Clearly labled. what do you think?


YEEEES!! Think emergency button in red on Russian submarine with text in cyrillic alphabet :clap: :joy: