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Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave plus vs external sensor

Hi all.

I am testing this device now for some weeks, does a good job as a single device in my bathroom with the internal temperature sensor.

But I have 3 radiators in my living room and want to fit them with smart TRVs, hence I need an external temperature sensor.
The Spirits supports this, but only with a sensor that supports the association group “Air Temperature”.
These devices seem to be really rare, the Eurotronic support refuses to answer, Aeotec, who sell a rebranded version of it, say, that they do not have a sensor that supports this. (!)
Anyone has experience with that?

The Spirit is listed as “fully compatible”, tested by an external tester.
I wonder if this tester is an active participant in this forum and may want to share his experience with this device and also could answer my question?