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Animus Heart?

Exporting sensor data?

Is it possible to export data from Heart?
For example continuously pull data from temperature sensor or power consumption over time to plot a graph?


We will soon launch a REST API to get current data of sensors so you could create your own database. Historic data directly on the Animus Home app will be launched later.


Sounds promising. Where can I keep track of the progress?


We don’t have any public page to view features and follow the progress of those. They will be announced on our release notes, newsletters and on the forum https://talk.animushome.com/c/General-questions-and-discussions/Official-announcements-from-the-Animus-Home-crew

You can subscribe to our newsletter to get the information or visit Animus Talk from time to time :slight_smile:

Regarding the API - it has been merged and will be included in the upcoming release :wink: