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Fibaro 2 dimmer double click automation?


How do I setup double click automation on the fibaro 2 dimmer.
The default behavior is that the lights turn to 100% but a friend at work showed me on the homey that he can override the 2 click and set it to activate another device. I would like to turn off a Ikea light when the dimmer is double clicked and turn on when the wall button is double clicked a second time.

Hi there,

first ask you friend how exactly this is done in Homey, so maybe this can be “translated” to the Heart somehow, also it would be helpful to know, which devices he controls with the dimmer.

Maybe the option “Double Click” is already there, when you start creating an automation using the dimmer?
Did you check the parameters of the device in the manual, if there is a way to deal with a double click?