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Fibaro dimmer 2 - use s2 to control another dimmer


I have several Fibaro dimmers and I am trying to get one of them to control another one through the s2 (secondary switch).

At my switch(A) i have enabled s2. Do anyone know how to make it control the other switch?

I can read it has something to do with association - but can’t find where to change it in the animus heart.


I also wonder about almost the same.
I want s2 to control scenes in animus… Anyone with a solution?

Hi Jesper,
I’m curious, since you use Dimmer 2, do you also use Homekit? My Animus only “send” one Multilevel Control to Homekit, but there’s two dimmers on the Dimmer 2, I would love to see them both in my Home-app… Any clues?

Hi Erik,

I use HomeKit and Goggle home but haven’t managed to find a solution.

Basically I think the issue is with animus. Animus doesn’t see the 2nd switch.

It could be interesting to hear from the developer?