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Fibaro Dimmers and Switches

Anyone that got the old Dimmers and Switches from Fibaro to work on AH? They work fine on my previous controller but not on AH (after proper reset and include). The concerned devices are:
FGD211 Dimmer
FGS221 Double switch

It’s possible to control them from the AH GUI and the automations but not from the physical buttons. Not even no 1 button when two buttons. After pushing the button several times, the light will go on sometimes. But this is not recognized by AH.

It says “partly compatible” in the list, but not which version of switch/dimmer. I’ve seen the topics about second button is not working, but I can’t even get the primary button to work properly.

Maybe the same issues as Run automation instant on button press?

Or what do you mean that it doesn’t work with the buttons? The lamp is connected to the Q output on the switch? That should work no matter what Animus does or not.

Yes, maybe…
S1 (button 1) is controlling Q1 fine when stand-alone (removed from AH) or when connected to my old controller. When added to AH the S1 is not working correctly. I tried to change all available parameters (e.g. 14=0 momentary switch).
I really hope that there will be some new development released soon, especially in the Z-wave area. But it has been very quiet for a long time now…

If the physical button on the wall does not work I would say that you have either connected the wires to the switch wrong or the switch is damaged.
There is nothing ”smart” going on there.

Or … have you also replaced the bulb with a smart bulb? Or the physical wall switch with something smart that complicates the scene here?

Sorry, FGS221 is working fine with the buttons, but the status is not propagated in AH GUI.
It’s the dimmers (FGD211) that are not working well with the physical buttons.

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