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Fibaro Double Switch 2 show up as 1 device

I’ve included a couple of Fibaro Double Switch 2 to my Heart and encountered a small problem. On main page the device only shows up as 1 switch (connected to Endpoint 1). If you click the device, you can see options an controll both Endpoint 1 and Endpoint 2.

In Heart app, this is “only” 1 extra click away, but another problem is that when I include it to Google Home, only the first / master endpoint is visible.

Is there any way to display the Double Switch 2 as 2 separate devices / endpoints?

Hi @fredrik.setterqvist and welcome to Animus Talk :slight_smile:
That is unfortunately the case today. Only the primary endpoint will show up in Google Home and also in our card-view.
However, a small bird have whispered in my ear that more configuration options for Z-Wave devices will come and amongst these might be the possibility to choose multiple “primary functions” for a device.


Create a virtual device and assign the endpoint 2 to the virtual device. Annoying, but relatively simple workaround


Yes, I could live with this workaround (creating virtual devices) if virtual devices was recognised by Google Home.

Please help me if I have missed how I do to get Google Home to show my virtual devices.

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Hi @henrik and welcome to the forum!

It is possible to add virtual devices to Google Home as well. Check this newly created article:

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Thanks @Vigge.
This works satisfactorily. 4 automations for every switch so that the dummy and the real always have the same status regardless if it is the dummy or the real that is activated/deactivated.



I bring this thread to life again.

Being able to select multiple “primary features” I thought, in my simplicity, would allow Google Home to see “all” devices.

It would have been nice to be able to change the name of the different parts of a device to something more informative than “endpoint”.

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About what “a small bird have whispered” a year ago.

Have the bird been caged for being a whistle blower?

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the possibility to choose multiple “primary functions” for a device.

Hehe, nope, the bird was released :stuck_out_tongue:
This exists since ACRE. The comment refers to the “Primary Functions”. It allows users to decide which functions are shown directly in the device-card without having to open the device first.
So for this thread it solved the problem by adding both S1 and S2 switches directly to the card.

But @Vigge, just as @fredrik.setterqvist first wrote, still in Google home I can’t see those I choosed as primary