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Fibaro motion sensor, change settings

Just bought a Fibaro Motion Sensor

Trying to change the settings soe it only will trigger if the light is at certain lux

found this in the manual

and in animus in the device settings i change to this and save

But nothing happens…

im new to change settings on z-wave devices so maybe im doing something wrong, please help out.

Hi there,

did you check paramter 8 before?
I ignored these settings, just built my automations around the light intensity, e.g. if the light ist lower than 5 Lux trigger the sensor to turn on a bulb if motions is detected.
Works fine.



yeah i changed the parameters for 8 to

id: 8
size: 1
Value: 2

and for number 9
id: 9
size: 2
value: 30

press add on both and then save, but i feels like he don’t save the settings. at first i can see the new parameters under the device settings. but as soon he triggers the go away.


the screenshot is from after i have pressed save and goes into settings again, but then he triggers and they are gone again.

And what is “command class basic”?

are u suppose to set something there?

If you really want to know about Z-Wave command classes, read this:

If you simply want this device to work, just like I do, I recommend to set these parameters to the default settings.

Here are the settings I decided to change:

Z-Wave is not that trivial…

still having the problem, that as soon the sensor gets triggers. allt the settings dissapear from the screen.

Did you try to wake up the sensor before saving just to make sure that all the changes are written correctly?

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Like @Olsen mentions, you need to wake up the device first. Battery-driven devices needs this if you are changing the parameters.
E.g. push the button on the sensor once, then go into the settings, change the parameters and hit save. They should not disappear now.

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that was it

never waked up the device…

Now it’s working

Big Thx 2 u


I have 2 of these sensors.
I found out that the other one also did not show the settings, though the configuration seemed to be applied after the wake-up interval.
I just re-applied some settings while the sensor was awake, and these show up.
But the parameters I changed during the very first setup, like 1 (motion detection sensitivity) and 81 (brightness) are not shown, but obviously saved in the device…
Maybe a bug?

Some configuration settings are not saved and shown in the list, hence, they disappear. But the configuration is actually set.
Like, for example, if you would do a reset to default settings, it will reset, but the ID/size/value will not be saved in the GUI. :slight_smile:

I see.
Is there a way to read the recent parameter settings of the devices via console?

If you enter size to 0 on a parameter, it will instead read the current value. So if you enter ID: X, Size: 0 => hit Save, then the value will change to the current value for that parameter X.
I don’t know of any way to get all the parameters for a device listed.

Yes, I found that function, but really would like to have an export of all parameters.
I should do some more researching. :wink:

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