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Fibaro Motion Sensor on and off

I have a Fibaro Motion Sensor that have an on/off sensor that triggers to on when detecting motion. After 30 second it goes back to off.

I have an automation that turns on and off 2 lights, but 30 seconds is a little short, how can i change that?

I’ve tried a timer before turning off the lights. But that only made it so it wouldt trigger the on state in my heart sometimes.

Dont know if it helps but you have explored “duration”?

Pics credits: Christofer Skyttman.

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It is also possible to change the settings on the sensor. I changed mine from on/off to just on. Then it is easy to use the timer in Animus to determine how long the lights shall stay on :slightly_smiling_face:
Read the Fibaro manual to see what parameters to change


I tried changing settings on the sensor before and it didn’t work. But I tested it again now and that solved the problem, I just changed the delay before the sensor sends the off command. Thanks!