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FIBARO The Heat Controller FGT-001

Hi all,

is anyone using this device?
The inclusion with the external temperature sensor went fine, also the device seems to do, what it’s supposed to and I must admit, I fell for the beauty of this thermostate. :star_struck:
But I miss the option to adjust a temperature offset, also the UI is really ugly, it seems to show the command classes of all endpoints and also the root device, which makes it look really confusing.

I would be interested of other people’s experience with it and also, if anyone uses more of one in a room.

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A little update in my Fibaro diary…

Tonight the TRV in the bedroom has gone nuts and fully opened the valve. :rage:
Here’s the reason why:

Also it reported a hardware / tamper failure.

So I had to get up to remount my “classic” thermostate. :angry:

After re-including it seems to work again, but setting up the temperature manually doesn’t work right, so this device will be returned.
Hope it wasn’t a premature decision buying 3 more of them for the living room.

Good update, thanks for feedback!

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