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Fibaro Universal Sensor FGBS-001 with DS18B20

I have acquired a FGBS-001 and some DS18B20. I can inform that Fibaro Universal Sensor FGBS-001 do not integrate well with :animusheart: : . :frowning:

I have connected (at first four and then only one) a DS18B20 to FGBS-001 and then paired it with :animusheart: . :animusheart: will only recognize the 2 potential-fee inputs. I can not read any temperature.

Alright, I can admit that I am not an expert but I think I know how to read the instructions. Is there anyone who can confirm that FGBS-001 is not supported or can give me advice how I should progress.


Will give it a try at the weekend, I’ve got a couple of them lying around


I have now connected FGBS-001 and four DS18B20 with a Tellstick ZNet. It is reading the temperature from all four sensors. I now know that I have connected them correctly. My problem seems to be with the settings in my :animusheart:


See the same with my Universal Sensor, no input from 1-wire temp sensors.
Any plan to support this?


Hi Karl and welcome to the forum.

I, as you, am hoping that Universal Sensor and Smart Implant soon are implemented.


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I must ask.

Does anyone know if there is a plan to implement Fibaro Universal Sensor / Smart Implant with the :animusheart: , or should i giv up on my project and restart my Tellstick?