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First test Hub Quiz - Deeply disapponted

Got the startkit today, and installed hApp Hub Quiz. No issues, my code worked fine and then smart buttons were added without issues.

Started up my first game… and my second…and third… to try different setups. But it were very hard to make it work… Is the product tested before release?

  1. Casting does not work. Message “Could not cast directly to your TV” when choosing cast-icon (Casting were an important thing for me)

  2. Copy the link, and type in my chrome on the mobile. - Casting screen and the message “No game is started wait for an administrator to start” (or something like that… i dont remenber the exakt words) The game IS started in the managenment-console

  3. Typed link in the webbrowser in my LG-TV. - Same thing as in nr 2

  4. Typed link in Chrome on my computer and casted - The game actually starts and the game begins!! I thought…

  5. MAIN ISSUE: Buttons doesn´ t register who pressed first. - Quiz… first to press gets answer first right? Hmm… yeah, that might be correct if the buttons can be pressed almost simultaneously. They can´t be. Press them almost simultaneously and noone is registred. Press them with a second between and the first one is registered.

  6. In game very much lag - In game, button pressed, and I as quizmaster type the answer. The answer lags for several seconds. then I press “next question” and the lag is several seconds again before the next questions appear. Might be a feature, but please make the wait visible in the console.

As the setup is right now. This is unplayable. I love the Idea, and my heart, but this app needs some love from a developer as well :slight_smile:

//Mats L

Hi @mlowenadler

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback, we really appreaciate this so that we can make it better.

The direct casting on Chromecast function is on it’s way, for now you need to cast it using any of these methods

  • Phone Mirroring
  • Chrome Web browser Cast
  • Type in the URL in the TV browser.

This looks like an issue, it should display the same view as in the 4th point you mentioned. What Phone do you have?

Looks like the LG built in browser is incompatible with latest Javascript and CSS. Can you see what browser it uses?

This issue is difficult to solve because these buttons are on RF433Mhz with no advanced protocol. So when you press simultaniously they will interrupt the communication and no one will have a complete packet to the Heart. However in, many of our test-games it has often lead to an even more interesting group dynamic when there two or three pressers simultaneously, and then they have to compete again by pressing to get the right to answer.
If you don’t want to have this challenge in the game then Z-wave buttons will work better, they will resend if the packet is interfered.

This issue also seems Phone related. What phone are you using because there should be no such lag.

Once again, thank you very much for the detailed feedback. We will improve the HubQuiz and push out new release as soon as they are fixed.

Kind regards

Hello again, and merry xmas!! :slight_smile:

#1 Ok, so the feature isn’t implemented yet… When do you expect it to be implemented? This is a main function I’d say. Screen mirror isn’t a way forward since screen resolution sucks…

#2 I have a OnePlus 6 (A6003). However, I stated wrong, I used Firefox Focus, and not Chrome. If I use chrome; It works better. My mistake.

#3 I have a LG 60UJ750V-ZB with WebOS 3.8.0-61115 (Software version 05.08.60 - The latest) The build-in Browser can´t be updated it seems (according to support forum) and there isn’t any other browser to install from LG shop it seems. According to support forum, It supports HTML5 but not Flash. Javascripts and CSS isn’t mentioned, so I don´t know.

#5 Ok, I understand. Isn’t quite what I signed up for, but perhaps you are right with the group dynamics… I’ll have to test it with some friends :slight_smile: I´ll check out z-wave to.

#6 The lag persists. I tried different cpu’s and even my samsung tablet… It´s hard to make it work smoothly.

Yeah… So my conclusion is,

  • Cast in app doesn’t work yet
  • Cast from my CPU works through Chrome
  • Cast from samsung tablet works
  • Answer buttons interrupt communication
  • The command console is laggy when I cast from a CPU… CPU is on hardwire, Mobile and chromecast is ofc wireless. My backbone is 2 Gbit… I can’t say where the lag is coming from.

I do not want to criticize to much, I really do like the idea… And I salute the effort! But had I known these issue, then I don’t think I’d bought the product (just yet?) becase the ads doesn’t really give the same picture as the present version actually provides… Perhaps it suits others needs better then mine?
I look forward to next patch though :slight_smile:

Best Regards

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