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Animus Heart?

Flic buttons

Either being able to receive “button press” from a Flic Hub or let Flic buttons connect directly to the Animus Heart.
Flic buttons are beautiful to use and would make a great addition to the Animus Home ecosystem.

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Are they Bluetooth? They do look good, that is true. Anyone tried them? Do they work well, and last long?

YES for flic support! I need to control my animus connected stuff with flic buttons. Please please pleas!

Yes, Flic buttons are bluetooth.
I have 2 of them at home connected to their Flic Hub. Makes it very easy to control loads of different stuff.
It’s also possible to make api calls when pushing a Flic button.
But I haven’t figured out how to integrate that with Animus Home.

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I also need support for the flic buttons. At least make it easy to integrate to the flic hub. As of now, one has to craft http requests with all the right headers and meta info to call on the heart API:s… very tedious to configure the hub on the mobile.