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Geofence Animus Heart Smartphone App

Geofencing is, for me, the only feature missing. I know geofence is possible via HomeKit but it would be wonderful if it was integrated in the Animus Heart App. As of today, one are prompted to have an iPhone and integrate with HomeKit or invest in expensive systems like Philips Hue. Using android smartphone you will still not be able to trig devices hosted by your animus heart. Is geofencing in pipeline for development for the smartphone app? If so, when will it be released? Is there anyone else longing for this feature? Is there already a workaround I don’t know of?


Hi and welcome! I (like you) think this is a good idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @a.rishovd, it’s indeed a highly requested feature and from the internal roadmap a presence-feature is developed and launch date is being prepared for it. Due to summer-season being now, launch will probably be after summer. :tada:


Fantastic!!! Really looking forward to this release then!

Hoping for possibilities to set different terms for different users. Maybe dim up outside lights for 20 minutes when my wife arrive home even if i am already at home etc…

Feel free to contact me if you like to try it out on a “stupid user” before release :joy:

I tend to provoke and crash the most stable systems just by being myself :crazy_face:

Keep up the good work :muscle: :fist_right: