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Animus Heart?

Get/Set the ID of a rf433 device

I have a Nexa doorbell which consists of a button and a bell.
So far so good! :slight_smile:

I want to be able to make the bell ring from :animusheart:

My first attempt was to add the button, that is supported out-of-the-box.
But I can’t trigger the button, only listen for it.

I have tried to find the ID of the button in the GUI, the Terminal and the API but the only time I can see it is when I add the button. Is this true or am I doing something wrong?

Next I wanted to add some device that can make the :animusheart: send the ID from the button so I added a receiver (a Nexa On/Off switch) and used the same ID in the Advanced part of the GUI. But it doesn’t trigger the bell.

A funny side is that I have another device that actually trigger the bell, but again, I can’t see the ID of the device somewhere.

When I used Tellstick it was super easy to see and change the ID. The device had one ID and then each button had one, like 123456789.1 123456789.2 etc.

Anyone tried this and succeeded?


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