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Getting Firmware Version from Z-Wave devices

Hi all,

I wonder if there is a way to get the firmware version of a Z-Wave device.
When entering “node config xx” to the console, it always responds “firmware_version”: “0.0.0”, regardless of the manufacturer of the device?

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Atm, i can confirm that the API also responds fw version 0.0.0 for my telldus power sockets.

If it helps.

Thank you.
In this case I had to know it, because the values to be set for the temperature offset of the Aeotec Multisensor 6 vary depending on the firmware version.
I finished this task now with trial & error.
Regardless, I would still like to know which version my devices have.


I agree that it would be a nice feature to see the firmware version of connected devices. :+1:

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Me again, playing around with Z-Wave… :crazy_face:

I could convince some of my devices to tell me something about their firmware, but the output is quite confusing, in this case it’s the Eurotronic Spirit plus:

Manufacturer ID : 0148
Firmware 0 ID : 0301
Firmware 0 Checksum : 7F13
Firmware Upgradable : FF
Number of Firmware Targets : 01
Max Fragment Size : 0014
Firmware ID : 0002
Package truncated : True

Anyone knows, if there’s a way to put this in a friendly format?
Silabs says:
“When combined with the Manufacturer ID, the Firmware ID is a unique identification of a firmware image that is guaranteed to work with a particular product among all Z-Wave enabled products in the world.”

Could this be the way? I fiddled about, trying to combine this somehow, but no success. :confused:

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