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Animus Heart?

Getting started with Animus Heart

I am creating this topic to help new Animus Heart users get started. Here are some links I believe will be helpful when you’re new. Feel free to comment your first-time experience and what would have helped you get started faster.

Useful links:

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Hi! Just got the :animusheart: and thought I’d contribute. I know it’s quite easy to find answers to, but for me the first question is how do I get to the point where my goals are met. What hardware do I need to create the functions that I want, and what settings do I need to connect those sensors and stuff. This is information that is out there for sure, but it will take a few hours of research. I’m thinking the inspiration part of the forum is great for this kind of questions, but there aren’t a lot of content there yet. I have a bunch of Belkin Wemo stuff, and some Xiaomi and none of that is easily integrated into the :animusheart:. The Wemo can be controlled via my Google homes, maybe that is a way to get them onboard, or maybe through IFTTT. We’ll see. Haven’t connected the Google home yet. I’m also curious to see what the relationship between the Heart, the Google home voice commands and all of my Chromecasts will be like.

These are my very first thoughts when setting up the Heart. Look forward to seeing where this will go!