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Glad midsommar!

Would like to take the opportunity to greet you all swedes with a “Glad midsommar!” hope you get a really nice holiday! :cactus: :arrow_left: closest to midsummer pole that i could find.

And for you foreign users that dont have a clue on what swedish midsummer is, it’s a holiday where typical swedes use to celibrate by eating herring, drink half of the years consumption of booze and play games in garden that no one over the age of 7 really likes.

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From Wikipedia:

Glad midsommar! :smiley: Let’s get those knees cracking


Glad midsommar allihop! Hope the temperature and weather is above and better than an average november day wherever you are! :joy:


Thank you @Vigge!
And yes foreigners, it’s supposed to look like a upside down :fried_shrimp:
Very strange holiday, add the fact that it’s normally the same wheather as Christmas (in Gothenburg at least) and same type of food (and easter with addition of :egg: ) in Sweden we like to combine christian traditions with those from time of vikings.