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Animus Heart?

Google home Animus cant be reached

Today animus stopped working with google home, just get the answear:
“Google home Animus cant be reached at the moment”

anyone else with the same problem?

Is the problem at google?

Hmmm, Google seems to have a LOT of problems with Home tight now. Heard loads of people complaining about strange behaviour over in the Facebook groups.

So I’m thinking Google!

It seems to be some problem with animus remote connection. The heart beats red.


Problem is now fixed. Everything should be back to normal.



Singel a week I cannot connect to Google Home.
From My android tablets i get error 500, from iPhone i get please try agin

.Regards Bengt

unplugg ur devices and see if its helps

Hi again.
Have restarted Heart and Router. No success. Same problem. Google Home cannot connect to the Animus Heart. Error 500 or a problem occurred try again.

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Try “synka enheter”…

Try “Synka enheter”??? Hur då!

säg till google

“ok google, synka enheter”

Kolla även om animus är tillagt i home appen

Det går ju inte att lägga till/ansluta Anumus i home appen!!!

are u running ios or android?

i just removed my connection in the google home app (running anodrid) and connected again without problems.

I havet stil this problem both from is and android.
Now since last Night Also THE synk with Philips Hue and Ikea lanmps är Lost. All Philips and Ikea lanmps är gone from THE Animus. THE automations have nothing to automize anymore. THE Hue bridge is Still connected to Animus.

Not working THE Animus is removed in i cannot reconnect

Sounds like you had wi-fi or remote access troubles.
Are you connected via the LAN-cable? If not, connect it with cable and try searching for the Heart locally from the app. Then go to settings and Remote Access and check if your cloud-account is enabled.
You can also go to animushome.com and login on the website to reach My Page, there you can see if your GoogleHome is connected and also disconnect it if you wish to redo all the steps with GoogleHome.

I also have the same problem described above. When I try to link Animus with Google home I get the 500 error message. It used to work before and the other links works such as Hue and Ikea.

Make sure you don’t have multiple Hearts connected to your cloud account, Google Home doesn’t support multiple bridges from same account so it will be auto-connected to the first one it finds on your Animus Cloud, if that Heart is offline it will not be able to connect.

We are working on a solution where you can choose which Heart you want to connect to Google Home.

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I had issues with my Animus Heart and Google Home, so I removed it from Google Home and tried to connect it again. I don’t even get to the login screen for Animus Home. Google Home just says “unable to connect please try again.”

I just removed Google from my Animus account, but that didn’t help either.

Any suggestions?

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It seems there have been a problem with the Animus cloud server since last night. I lost the connection also, but it seems to be up and running again. It works for me now.