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Animus Heart?

Google Home complaining about not reaching Animus Heart

I’ve had my Animus Heart connected to Google Home for months without issues.

For the last couple of weeks, whenever I’ve asked Google to adjust the lights, there’s been a notable delay in the execution. The lights will eventually respond to my command, but Google will then say ”Animus Heart could not be reached at the moment”.

Does anybody know the cause of this issue? Ive re-synched Animus to Google without any difference.

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I`m experiencing exactly the same problem, also clueless. Tried rebooting, syncing and such, without any result. Everything is updated and has been working flawlessly for almost a year.

I’m glad I’m not alone.

Anyone have any idea?

I removed my Animus from Google home to register it all over again. Now Google Home claims that an error occured when I try to add Animus, so I lost my connection completely.

Don’t know if this is just a glitch or actually solved the problem - but.
In the Google Home app press + in the upper left corner to add a unit, select configure unit.
Click works with Google and then click Animus Heart. Press reconnect account making Google re-auth and logging in to Animus.
Then sync your Google with telling it to “syncronize my units”.

After doing this, Google has stopped complaining about Animus being unreachable.
This has been functional for 10 minutes now, not sure if it’s going to last. :slight_smile:

I can now confirm that the issue for me lies with Google Home routines. Whenever I ask Google to adjust lights in a specific room, it executes without complaining. When I say a command that is tied to a routine, that’s when a hiccup between Animus Heart and Google Home appears.

Perhaps Animus needs to look at an update to comply with Google Home routines? Or is that something that other users have without issues?

Update - my issue was not solved by re-authing.

Nor have I any routines in Google Home so the problem is still active.

I take my last statement back - it is not isolated to routines, but rather when it involves more than one room. If I ask Google to adjust any specific room, it executes without complaining. If I ask for two or more rooms, it states that it couldn’t reach Animus Heart, after a delay and finally adjusting the lights.

Exactly the same thing here.
I have started to look more into both Homey and Home Assistant,
we`ll see how this next coming update looks like and if it actually solves any problems or just creates new ones.

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Funny thing is I bought the Heart because my Telldus Live didn’t support Google Home. Now Telldus works better with Google than the Heart…

Truly ironic. :slight_smile:
Google Home still complaining over here, today I installed a new wi-fi mesh system at home and therefor disconnected and restarted both the Heart and Google Home Mini. No success…

Did you guys solve your problems? I have the same problem now.