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Animus Heart?

Google Home not working with Virtual Switches anymore?

I have same virtual switches that trigger an automation which triggers a scene that activates a certain state of my TRVs.
I was able to activate the VSs using Google voice commands until, well, I suppose I installed the latest version of the App.

Now, if I tell Google to trigger the VS, she confirms that she did, but it won’t change the temperature of the TRVs.

I’m not sure if there’s a context between the update of the Animus App, but before I installed it, the VS worked perfectly.

Anyone else having this issue?

I don’t use virtual switches if I want Google to see them, insted I use a 433 switch (only created in :animusheart:, I don’t have a real switch).

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Thanks for your reply!
I think that RF433 is the same to Google, are you able to control them via voice command still?

I have some z-wave double swtches that google only see “Root Device”, so I control endpoint 1 and endpoint 2 with automations that is triggerd by 433-dummy and the 433-dummy is triggerd via google.

I see, that’s similar to what I do.
If it works for you, I wonder what’s wrong with my setup, since Z-Wave + WiFi switches or bulbs can be controlled using GH, it’s only the VS that trouble me. :thinking:

When triggering the VS via GH several console logs like this are written:

info 2020-02-15 15:54:42 #bid156 - Initiating new request to localhost:80 with id 06ad2ffffe55558e-00000411-0003488b-cf06d0c2d2e122b3-64b3e9d6 for session: 3169

So it seems the commands are beeing sent to the Heart?!
When testing the automation in the Heart Center it works, so something seems to get stuck on it’s way.

Do you have any automation that trigger other automations? You know that you must alow that for each automation.

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Indeed, the affected automations trigger scenes and I allowed loops when I created them.
Thanks for reminding me to check those settings, but they are still ok. :+1:
I saved them all again, just to make sure, but unfortunately it still won’t work.

oh. I’m out of ideas, I hope you find a solution.

Thanks for your patience! :slightly_smiling_face:
Finally, I gave up and rebooted the Heart, now it works again.

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Good, a simple restart can fix big problem.

Quite funny, I’m like a lite it-support at work. All problem solving start with “keep powerbutton pressed for 10 sek, release and start computer again.” 98 times of 100…problem solved :smiley:

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Being the IT-guy at work, a reboot is also the first thing I recommend, and yes, it works most of the time. :rofl: