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Google home or not?

curios what people think of the various assistants out there. Thinking of maybe integrating a Google Home, but not really sure if I trust it? Will it be spying on me? There were some writings in the news some weeks back about (I think) Alexa having people analyzing things it had picked up when not being activated.
What concerns, if any, do you guys have regarding these?

I have a few Google Homes. I like controlling things using my voice, and see a real value in the function. I bought the first in USA before they sold them elsewhere, don’t remember when, but I have had them for a while at least.

I’m a cautios person, and constantly reevaluate the need/value I get from them. As I have said elsewhere on this forum, Id like to try Snips, which is a more privacy minded version, but haven’t yet.

There is a software called Cambridge IoT inspector I haven’t gotten around to testing either.

Enough of the ”about me”, I find that we use voice command mostly to get the weather forecast, control music and video, set timers and so on. Small stuff, but convenient. I tried controlling lights, but the partner didn’t accept that. Will try again when I have more of an eco system and can point out bigger added value. I need to keep physical buttons functioning too.

Conclusion: if the microphone doesn’t send things it’s not supposed to, I don’t feel it’s a very big intrusion to my privacy. That risk is something I’m willing to take, at this moment, because I’m not a public figure or someone political or mighty :smiley:

Even though I think it listened way better in the beginning, it’s still useful enough.


Which is my main concern… Great review, thanks! I am curios about “Snips” as well. Tried to google it but found that it is bought by Sonos and licensed? Sounds very interesting though. Do you know of any devices having Snips installed?


Yes, mine too :wink: Sneaky mega corporations!

Well, I don’t know a lot about Snips. I recently read that Sonos dropps support for Snips, which doesn’t really correspond with them owning it? I just Googled, and can confirm what you read. Strange :slight_smile: https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2019/12/03/sonos-shutting-down-local-voice-option-snips/

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Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, they’re all transcribing fragments (like they say) of the recordings.
Every user has accepted the EULA, wherein this is explained, more or less clearly. :roll_eyes:

I also would describe myself as a cautious person, too, but must admit, that I gave in a little to Google.
I have a GA device in every room, the Lenovo watch in the sleeping room has it’s microphone disabled.

The GAs are a nice extension to the Heart and an imported part of my home automation.
E.g. I have a virtual switch named “At Home?” synchronized from the Heart, which is triggerd when saying “I’m home” or “I’m away now”.
This virtual switch is part of several automations I build with the Heart.
Also GA switches the Heart’s halo off in the “Good night” routine, which indicates, that I’m off to bed, that is also used in some automations.

And, of course, not the forget the option to stream music in every room. :sunglasses:

But hey, you guys may be interested in this :smirk: :


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Yeah, I’ve seem those, or, read about it rather. Very interesting. You can obviously also imitate sound with a laser, from afar. All you need is a clear line of sight, and you can wake up and give the commando to start that wierd horoskope app I would never start.

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I didn’t know that a laser could imitate sound! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I just found an article with some videos where this is explained, spooky. :flushed:

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I have like you a GH (or mini) in every room. But you kept it in english then?

Yes, I use English as language, even if a option for Swedish exist now (old news). If my kids want to use voice control, they have to learn English first :joy::sweat_smile:


I use it in german, it’s much more convenient for me. :roll_eyes: