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Animus Heart?

Google home

Anyone else having trouble with Google home and animus? All other services works in Google home but animus stopped working again yesterday. Cant Link from both android and iPhone. Starting to be a bit frustrated över the animus heart

Please check that you have named your devices without numbers, Heart will filter out the numbers when publishing to Goolge Home which can cause problems if the name becomes empty. Try renaming your devices and sync again.

I have checked that and have No numbers in My device names.

The problem isnt syncing devices but connect the whole heart service to Google home.

It says connected to home but home doesnt find the animus service. My other services works flawless.

Please try again. I could see that you had some old sessions on your Cloud Account which Google Home was trying to connect to. If you go to “My Page” https://www.animushome.com/users/heart you should only have one session for the same Heart now.

I tried again yesterday but no luck. The tried removing remote access and add it again but same problem. Tried removing connection to Google home under the admin Interface but Still No luck.

It’s strange then, I recommed contacting support and see if they can help you further.

You could try resetting the Google hApp on your Heart as well. If you open the Animus Home app and then go to hApps->Cogwheel of Google Home->Reset. See if that helps.

Did you solve the problem?