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Google Nest Hub

Fick precis hem en google nest hub, ingen av enheterna som är anslutna till animus syns i hubbens drop down list. Fast de syns i appen, är det en uppdatering som behövs hos er på animus? eller ligger felet hos google?

Do you mean that they are seen in the app in the nest hub but not in the drop-down menu? I’m a little curious cause im about to buy a nest hub as well. And, maybe a dumb question but you have synced devices and all that?


My misstake…

The lights i was talking about ain’t lights. it’s powerplugs… soe if u drag down the menu and choose lights. They aint there… but if u choose rooms instead… u will se the plugs.

i would love to see my tempsensors

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Nice to hear that it fixed :slightly_smiling_face:
Yep, agree with you temp-sensors :+1:

Also bought the Nest Hub. And it is almost unusable for controlling lights😕
When set to norwegian language the display won’t work for turning on neither lights via Animus or tv via Harmony. Talked with google for several hours but conclusion was there is a language bug. So if I want to control lights main language has to be english…

Sounds strange, it works with swedish for me, i have a lenovo smart display set to swedish. I do reckon that it would be the same as norwegian. BUT as we all have learned with google, we are all betatesters in some degree :face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink:

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