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Graphs & Diagnostics


First entry to the forum, be kind :wink:

I have seen some suggestions on graphs and I think it would be super great if you could add it.
It doesn’t have to be fancy from the start but there could be some automatic set up:

  • When choosing to create a graph the suggested content could be depending on the type, i.e. a temperature/humidity sensor could display those 2 as default and then the available data sources could be like a tick box format for selection/de-selection. I suppose also diagnostics like battery, and polling time could be of interest…

  • If a binary type like a wall socket or a door switch would be the desired input device for diagnostics then the data could be just off/on value in realation to time. As for diagnostics it could be amount of swithces, swithces / time base to understand if there are some faults with automation set-ups that could wear on the lifetime.

  • The ability to export graph/trend data to other formats or a more detailed view in the web interface would be nice

Any one else feels this could be valuable?



Yes i do.
Most of it anyways.

For me, i dont absolutely need the heart itself to do the graphing, but i want it to be able to store and export, for a configurable amount, like temp every 15min or houerly for instance.

I also want it to be able to send some kind of notification when a zwave device goes offline or unreachable.

I currently use my socket for my waterheater as relay, and if that goes offline (it’s connected to a gfi (ground fault interrupter) with a powerloss neutral off so i have to reset it manually after a powerfailiure.

A pushnotice would be sufficient.
For now, i moved my rpi with webhooks server for another project.

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I find your suggestions totally agreeable.

Nice to see your first post on the forum by the way, very welcome! :bouquet: