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Animus Heart?

Great product but lack of features

Hi, how is the roadmap and new firmware schedules.
i really hope that you open it up for 3:party apps or integrate it with homeassistant.

is there any beta program that i could join for test new features?


I was thinking about this too, and how I like open source and transparency :grinning:

Guessing Animus isn’t a very large company, with limited resources. I believe having at least part of the software licensed as open source non comercial could help speed up development. Maybe this is where the open API and hAPPs come in?

I’m not a fan of monthly fees, but under the right circumstances Im thinking a lot of people would be willing to pitch in. Maybe a Patreon?

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As i have understood the API is in works :):heart_eyes:


I would also appreciate if it was possible to get some insights on the roadmap…

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