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Groups: Folding tree view

Groups in ACRE are great! But one way of bringing order to a long list of automations is by folding and sorting them. It would be great if some kind of tree view could be added?


And perhaps sorting them alphabeticly, then you can name them “House-Kitchen” House-Livingroom, Garden-Lights, Gardenshed-Heating
and so on.

Or a folder-structure where you create GroupFolder “House” and “Garden” unt so weiter (or what the german translation is :slight_smile:
Then add the automations inside each folder.

Edit; some clarifications and additions.


Not sorting alphabetically is in my world a pure bug that should be fixed, and from what I’ve understood it’s on the todo-list.

It’s even sorting some items sometimes (on first login for example), so it’s obviously the case of someone having a bad code day that it doesn’t do it all the time :wink:

I have a sane naming scheme, and my wife, who installed the app after I had gotten the basic stuff working, gets a nice sorted view while I have it in some kind of mixed random/last-added order…

And as the icing on the cake, it would be really nice to be able sort them by yourself like the floor/room-setup!