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Hank four-key scene remote controller

I can’t get the Hank four-key scene remote controller to work with security.
If I add it with security (long press of a button instead of tripple click when pairing) it’s not recognized as a button device. It’s also just added with s0.

I have tried to add it several times both via GUI and terminal and I have also rebulid it from the terminal but with the same result.

Tips anyone?


Hi there,

are you sure this device uses S2 encryption?
S0 is still encrypted, look here..

The controller has 9 association groups, so I suppose you should see something like that when starting an automation using the keypad of this device:



Ok that’s interesting. So the main difference is the security layer when adding the device.
That’s fine with me :slight_smile:

But the wierd thing is that I can’t get the device to act as a button when adding with security. Animus just don’t recognize it as a button.

Have you had any luck with that`?

Also you have more associations then me.

I have the Fibaro KeyFob, it has 6 keys, just added the picture as an example.

What exactly do you mean by that?
Yours looks like it is supposed to, was this picture taken after secure inclusion?

You can build automations like this using the different actions for the keys:

Or you can try to associate a button directly to a Z-Wave switch or bulb.

Hi Johan,

Do you have any model-number for your scene controller? Maybe there are different versions now but as far as I know the four-key scene controller don’t support S2. So, it should only add in S0. However, like @Olsen said, it’s still encrypted and safe.

If the device doesn’t support S2 you should not be able to add it as an S2(secure) device at all. If that happens by some reason, then you probably don’t see it as a button because the device has not been accepted by the system.

It seems you are having it correctly added with S0, so keep it that way. :+1:

Thx @Olsen for answering, and sorry that I don’t!
I obviously don’t get any e-mails from this system even though it looks like I should (probably me doing something wrong).

Anyway - what happens when I add the remote with security it ends up like this (I just removed it when it was added without secuity and added it again with security - which ends up with S0 but I’m OK with that now :slight_smile:) :

This is how it looks when added without security:

As you can see Keypad i missing when added with security -> useless… :frowning:

Hi @Vigge,
Thx for helping out!

Ad you can see from my new comments, the problem isn’t about S0 or S2 (which I now know alot more about thx to @Olsen), but to the core functionality with the remote control.

If it helps I do have the article number for it: 0000/9521

Really strange.
I only found the functions for a device limited when S0-inclusion failed and it paired with no security, Ilike a bulb without on/off function.
Sometimes a device has to be really close to the Heart when including with security.
Gave that a try?

Just tried again with the device 1m from the Heart.
Got the same result… :frowning:

Good to know, I have the same issue with two devices.

Try with not more than 30cm.

Tried again… same result:

Except for a factory reset of the controller I am out of ideas now.

Strange. Maybe the button is malfunctioning :confused: Have you also tried with a new/better battery and see if that might affect the communication with the bridge somehow?

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Hi Vigge, sorry for late response, I lack from getting noticed when anyone answers.
It can’t be the button, it works fine as long as I don’t add it with security.

I have two of the buttons and thay act the same so I think it’s the Heart that doesn’t talk to them correctly.