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hAPPs - what are they?

Hi! I’m guessing this is the right category to talk about hAPPs? I was just wondering if anybody knows what role they will be playing, and the intentions behind structuring like this. Like, when is a hAPP used, and when is a “automation” more suitable? I saw a hAPP for controlling groups of lamps, is it that it’s more convenient to use a hAPP in some way, or is it simply not possible to do an automation for that result?

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Also wandering about hApps. What is this, a script environment, API or what? Where can i find more info on hApps?


The concept of hApps have had a more external role promoted during the crowdfunding campaign. Today, however, hApp is the building blocks of the internal Animus system.

So what are they?

  • hApps® stands for Home Apps.
  • During the creation of the Animus system a new structure with the dynamic modules, hApps, was created to improve flexibility of the system and boost a system with customizable packages.
  • hApps exist in the Animus Heart already today and the Automations tool is a good example of a hApp.


hApps exist and play an important role in the system. Only the concept of their external function is not promoted the same way. This is due to the role they play today, which is strictly internal and there is no official hAppWorld®. It remains to be seen how hApp and hAppWorld will evolve and their role they will play.
(It would be something I, personally, would like to explore more at least) :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarification! What is the relationship between hApps and the rumoured API? If I understand correctly, hApps are the part in the settings where we can see which version the z-wave and the 433 MHz package and others are? And the automations tab is a hApp, and the experimental voice control is too? Would it then be possible to create something like a hApp that makes it possible to connect a Conbee to the :animusheart:? By the developers inhouse, or possible in the future by a user, if that possibility is given. Or a hApp that is a more advanced dashboard? The hAppworld is a great idea, I think. Will external developers be able to create hApps or is it official hApps only, if it is launched? As you probably know, I’m gonna buy a room scenter and would love to be able to connect that to the heart, some time.

Thank you!

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