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Animus Heart?

Have devs stoped working with heart?

I havn’t seen any minor updates or that they’ve added more compatible products. I see that other competitors do update and add more products so it can’t be impossible for animus?

Pretty sure they’ve cut their losses and abandoned ship. One alias with forumtitle “Leader” have not visited the forum since May.
It’s sad but with no information coming out that is the conclusion I’ve come to.

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It’s a shame. Their reputation must go down hill due the fact that they’ve many big retailers selling them.
Well, time to look after other hubs.

It seems this product is pretty dead…

And there is no response on support tickets. Should have done my homework before I bought my Heart a few weeks ago and read up on this. My first impression was really good but now when there seems to be no support going forward, does not seem like a good choice anymore.

Depending on if the api/websockets-limits will be lifted, i might keep it as a websocket-hub-gateway, but as for now i’m looking into migrating to Home Assistant or possibly OpenHAB.

Three brothers own the company - less than 10 employees - go figure!

I wish they could make it open source then. If they don’t feel they have the time to maintain the software. I believe there are a lot of people willing to participate.

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No employees, only the co-founder.