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Animus Heart?

Heart 3.0 & hApps

Hi Everyone!

Many of you have expressed your concerns regarding our public inactivity lately. We understand your frustration. This is something we take very seriously and remain deeply sorry if you’ve experienced that we haven’t been helpful.
We want to move fast, maintain this huge platform, launch new features and support each and everyone. However, we remain a start-up, and being a start-up with these high goals we’ve had to live with occasional but undesirable radio silence.

We are thankful for your understanding and trust. :heart:

A special thanks to all you heroes answering and helping others on the Forum! :star:

Now, for the past months our team has been largely involved in developing the infrastructure for hApp.

Animus Home’s IoT platform was engineered with a modular infrastructure allowing the creation of uniquely designed micro-services using components of our large IoT platform. This is our hApp® vision.


Heart 3.0 is being released soon. The big news for 3.0 is our hApp infrastructure.

Animus Heart users will be able to enjoy services/features with unique GUI that integrators can develop. These will currently only be released by Animus Home but might change in the future.

With the new hApp APIs a developer can create highly customizable microservices on our ever-growing Heart ecosystem and run these on their Heart. If you are interested about this, connect with us and subscribe to this mail-list: http://eepurl.com/dsbwbz.

Also, if you haven’t seen our social media posts, there are now other tech companies using our platform and the Heart in large scale projects. We strongly believe these synergies will benefit in improving the overall platform and make it evolve even faster!

Best regards,
The Animus Team