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Animus Heart?

Heart is dropping Wi-Fi connection

I have trouble connecting to my Heart. It seems that my Heart is dropping the Wi-Fi connection after some times.
I discover the problems after the major 2.0 update.
To be able to connect to Heart, I have to make a restart by breaking the voltage for a few seconds. After that the Heart shows up in the software for the accesspoint. Signal strength are of good quality.

Is this a known problem?

I use a Mikrotik RB201 1UIAS-RM and an HP OC20 access point.
Heart has a static IP address.

Maybe an IPv6-issue?
Look here, different problem, but maybe worth a try.

After firmware 2.0 I haven’t been able to use wifi, it just stops responding so have been using cable ever sense.
Have already contacted support and they’re saying that nothing has changed regarding WIFI.

Something has.
I’m using Unifi Wireless AP’s

Check that you are not using channel 12 or 13 on your network. These are not available on Heart WiFi.

I’m not using any of these channels on any of my AP’s.

I can connect again to my WFI after updating to Heart v2.1.0 BETA version

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