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Animus Heart?

Heart stop working, can not be reached


I write this since I have experienced a problem with My Animus Heart that I have not found described on the support sites and I believe that I have found the reason for it and found a solution to solve it.

I have used Animus Heart as my smart home controller for two years now and it has worked well during this time. I control many and different devices in our house with a number of “automations”. The devices are of several types, Z-wave, 433 MHz, and Zigbee. For the Zigbee devices I have a Philips Hue hub connected. The Heart and Hue controller is connected to my Internet / WiFi router provided by my Internet supplier. The router is a ZTE MF286D.

Since several weeks now I have however experienced severe and frequent problems with the Animus Heart Controller. It stops working and can not be reached over WiFi or LAN connection. This happens every day. The control light on the Hear it is blue and not indicating any problem. After many trials I have experienced that the Heart can be connected and restarted in two ways. Disconnect power and restart the Heart or a restart of the WiFi router will get the Animus Heart up and running again, but only to suffer from the same problem again within 24 hours. I have checked the Animus support site to find out if there is any help to solve my problem, but I have not found any.

Since I came to believe that the problem with the Animus Heart had something to do with the WiFi-router that I got as a replacement for the previous one from my Internet supplier about the same time as the problem with the Animus Heart started, I made a few things, step by step to see if I could find any solution to the problem.

  • Checked the ZTE router Status, Animus was no longer connected when the problem occurred. Animus was given a Static IP address. No success.
  • Heart cable connection to router disconnected, no success.
  • Philips Hue controller was moved away from router and Animus Heart by a new longer cable. No success.
  • Animus Heart controller moved to an adjacent room. BINGO. Everything is now working perfect.

My explanation is that the described problem is related to the ZTE router. Either is the router very sensitive for disturbance from other electrical devices like the Heart or the Hue controller or it might also be that the Heart is affected by the router electronic. Anyway, keep the router away from other electrical devices in your smart home.