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Animus Heart?

Heart unstable/unreachable

I’ve had my Heart for about a year now. Mostly it’s been working well and I use it mainly to bring 433mhz devices into Homekit and Google Home.

Recently (since a few months) the Heart has become very unstable. About once a week it seem to crash and becomes unreachable. Only solution is to pull the power cord.
It also appears that devices in Animus Heart isn’t always updated to Homekit and Google Home. For instance, new devices, removed devices or renamed devices doesnt reflect in Homekit or Google Home.

Right now I have put a 433 power switch on the Animas Hear that I can control via a Telldus Live Gateway … and I’m sure you can see the irony in that …

Are these known issues that are being worked on?

I have the same issue but once every 24h freezez totaly. Also solved it with Telldus live and a plugg :slight_smile:

Had the same problem. I had to reboot my heart once a day, and now it has stoped completely. I’ve tried reboot several times, but nothing!

It turns my lamps on and off randomly and sometimes, not at all.

I have sent an e-mail to the support, but no answer. Anyone???

My heart is only about 1 mounth old so if I don’t get an answer with an easy solution soon, I will return it and demand a new one.

It sounds like something are very wrong with the device and not software-related. Maybe sticks out my head a bit but If you can’t get it to work, use the guarantee since it sounds like somethings broken. :cry:

When you say “pulled the cord”… Have you tried a factory reset? After ACRE update that was what I had to do to stabilize my heart. Maybe that will do some good for yours as well? Well, I know it’s not a small task, but an exchanged unit would be the same hassle, regarding settings and configuration at least.

Ever since up(!?!)dating to “acre” my acces to the Heart has not worked properly. As stated in my post " No wifi or remote access. For the moment my hopes goes for a release of a more updating update.

Did you consider what @nikke said and checked your IPv6 settings?
Or did you ask your ISP for possible limitations of your router?

As everything worked alright before the “acre” update, I am not motivated to do further more work arounds on my router (same as before acre). Thank’s for Your comment anyway.