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Animus Heart?

Heating Plan?

Hi all,

did anyone manage to create a heating plan with the scheduler?
If so, I would really be thankful for some inspiration how to keep it simple.
At the moment I use the presence feature + scenes, which works ok, but I’d like to try it with the scheduler.

Can you describe a bit more what you want to do? Heating plan is a thing that can be interpreted in various ways…

Btw, I’ve played a bit with the presence stuff (to control lighting, but it’s the same basic function as one interpretation of heating plan).

I found that using Presence directly to control automations was next to useless, as everything I wanted to do was in the category “if someone is home” or “if no one is home”…

I ended up doing an “Anybody home?” virtual switch that I use in all those automations in one way or another, trigging on time or sun up/down with anybody-home conditions, usually activating scenes.

To control the “Anybody home?” state I had to do two automations, one that flips it on if anyone comes home (added all people), and one that flips it off if no one is home.

The no-one-is-home one became a bit silly: Add all users as “WHEN Presence X leaves home OR Presence Y leaves home”, then add everyone again as “AND Presence X is away, Presence Y is away” with the final action to turn off the anybody-home switch.

Currently the actual Presence detection seems a bit flakey, but I guess that it’s as simple as Android power-saving the app as soon as the phone is locked. If Presence is implemented as the Heart periodically trying to speak to the app in the phone it would explain that the Presence state gets unset even though that person is home. I’ll look into the app power save settings any year now :slight_smile:

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Since there is no calendar view, which I miss a little, I would like to do this with schedules, like on from 0600-0800, off from 0800-1600 on specific days of the week, etc, but keeping this as simple as possible, that’s why I’m interested in some inspirations from other people. :relieved:

Like you I use a virtual switch to indicate I am at home, which is triggerd on on change with the presence feature and off by Google assistant or a switch at the entrance door.

Also I have a virtual switch triggered by sunrise/sunset, still didn’t try the day/night function.
Google assistant also triggers the Heart’s halo on/off using the “good morning”/“good night” routine, which I use as awake/asleep indicator.

The presence feature seems to work even if the Android phone is asleep, but I’m not using it for heating, since I don’t want to trigger automations everytime I go to the cellar or another floor for a short time. :wink:

The actual issue in this case seems to be a Wifi setting: In some Android versions/devices you can choose whether Wifi should be enabled or not when the device is sleeping. On the troublesome phone this was set to “disable when sleeping” or something similar, meaning that whenever the phone was locked wifi was disabled and the Heart marked that person as not present. Changing the setting to “always on” improved this.

The wife controls aquarium lightning, with different light modes (not just on/off) depending on time of day etc.

We did it using Automations, and it quickly got messy but doable. We found the easiest way to keep some kind of overview is doing one automation per time, and naming them in a sane way so that they sort “good” alphabetically. Oh, and having them in a separate group of course.

One alternative approach is collecting all times with the same action (ie. on/off/etc) in one automation each, but that can get confusing in other ways…

In short, YMMV depending on taste :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to collect actions in a better way than the current grouping, ie. some kind of multiple-level grouping or a tree level view. Crucial for my usecase would be to display all the group/subgroup actions simultaneously to be able to answer questions like “when is the window lightning on” etc.

Naming things in a “good” way works as a kludge, at least when they get round to adding a reliable sorting to the display of automations/scenes…

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Looks like I do things in a similar way, but in some cases I also define different triggers for one automations, I think things will go messy anyway. :wink:
Yes, multilevel-grouping is on my wishlist, too.
But I also like the way grouping works now, it keeps things a little more tidy.
Also creating automations in Blockly style would be nice, I use this with IOBroker, you can do really weird things with this. :crazy_face:

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