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Holiday lights automation (loop)

So I have this idea of how to create some holiday lights but I’m a bit unsure if I might crash my Heart when doing it.

The basic idea is not flashing lights but lights that change color around every 5 minutes or so and this is how I was thinking about doing it.

Swtich A is turned on at sundown and off at sunrise by other seperate rules.
Automation (loop OK)
WHEN switch A is turned ON OR switch B is turned ON
AND switch A is ON

  • wait 5 minutes
  • turn off swtich B
  • set lamp X to green, lamp Y to red, lamp Z to green
  • wait 5 minutes
  • set lamp X to red, lamp Y to green, lamp Z to red
  • turn on switch B

This should make lamp X, Y and Z to change color every fifth minute while the sun us down and the loop should stop as soon as the sun rise since the condidtion “switch A is on” doesn’t apply anymore.
But is there anyway a risk that this might cause problems for my Heart?


That looks pretty good to me :+1: It’s quite beautiful actually.

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Any result?
I liked this idea and if it works out well I might copy it straight out. :slight_smile:

I actually haven’t tried it yet but I will and then report here :slight_smile:

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I appreciate it - looking forward to hear the result. :slight_smile:

So it works fine, sort of :smile:
The animus part of the solution actually works fine as far as I can tell. The problem is that the three lights are close to out of range for the Hue bridge so every now and then the signal doesn’t reach them. Hence I instead sometimes get a bit of random result from my automation. But that’s fine for this purpose.


Thank you for replying. :slight_smile:
I’ll try this myself.