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Home assistant on Animus Heart hardware

As many people probably already know the heart hardware is basically a RPI on a custom PCB, everything is still stored on an SD card and HDMI i available. So installing Home assistant is as basic as popping out the sd card flashing it and then poppingit back in. But the part that i don’t know how to do is getting Z-Wave and RF433 to work in Home assistant using the built in hardware of the Heart.

Hi, im trying the same.

I have identifyed the chip as following:

Zwave: SD3503A-CNE3 (Should be some kind of USB Z-Wave Plus Controller)
RF 433: CC1101

Im trying to get this to work with HA install on a new SD card.

Also, if you make a image of the heart-sd card, you can decompile the jar-files with any online java decompiler to view the source code.
I have not yet had the time to try further… but woul really like to get this to work… but the format of the unit if quite appealing so it would be nice to get it to work. With both zwave and rf in the box its only a zigbee usb stick and you have everything covered…

Z-Wave is detected automatically if i remember correctly, i have two AH running Home Assistant now. The controller is a Silicon Labs UZB 500, it is detected as a humidity sensor for some reason, but its working: https://github.com/zwave-js/zwave-js-ui/issues/572