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Homekit and Z-wave devices not working as expected

I’m using an number of Z-wave devices connected to Heart. I connect the Heart to Apple homekit to be able to control the devices with Siri for example. The problem is that I had a number of Z-wave devices in Heart which I have deleted but they are still being exported to Homekit. This makes Homekit very messy since I have 20 devices which are deleted in Heart but therefore not working in Homekit. Why is it like this?


I have the same issue, but with 433 devices…

Could the problem lay in homekit? Have you tried to delete the homekit-config and synced again? Or is the problem solved?

Welcome to the forum @ari.taiponen :bouquet: Is it also through homekit?

Thanks! Yes I deleted and reconfigured homekit sync, but the problem persist. So basically I have two devices as a ghost in homekit every time i connect animus to it. Even thought these devices have been removed from animus long time ago… also renooted animus several times with no success to remove those devices. I can live with the problem as it is two devices only, but i eonder will there br more and more if remove devices :thinking:


Had a similar support ticket. Resolved by:

Removing deleted devices from HomeKit requires some typing in the terminal.

enter heart


resetbundle “Animus Home Homekit”

Then I had to forget bridge in homekit and connect again to get everything working


Thanks, this did the trick :slight_smile:


This works, but I would actually rather not having to run the - resetbundle "Animus Home Homekit” command, since each time I do, I have to reconnect the Heart to Homekit and configure everthing again. I have 25 devices, and a couple of automations and sceenes that need to be reconfigured in HomeKit since they are depending on the working devices. Last time I tried to add a Tellstick thermometer I ended up with duplicates where one is not responding. Isn’t there a way to remove the orphant device without having to redo everything each time this happens?