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Animus Heart?

HomeKit problems maybe solved

I have to make this new thread since the other thread does not allow me to type an answer in it because I’ve done 3 consecutive posts in that thread.

So I did the

enter heart
resetbundle “Animus Home Homekit”

Remove Heart from HomeKit reboot Heart and re add to HomeKit and now it seems to work so far (been over 24 hours now) and I can access everything through HomeKit even when not on my home WiFi.

So I’m not ready to say that the issue is fixed yet, but now at least it seems to work for me. Before when I did this as soon as I left my home WiFi the Heart stopped working.

I almost believe more that in some recent iOS/tvOS/iPadOS Apple did some changes more than I believe that the Animus crew has done something.

I know for a fact that I did exactly this after the last big update of the Heart FW and it stopped working pretty soon afterwards then. Having gone for almost a day now on and off my home network this time it at least seems promising.

Thanks for sharing!
My own sort of view (läs killgissning) on this topic is that the “issue” relates to the Heart not following the Homekit protocol, by continuing to “announce” its pairing capability even when it is paired to a device. I think this is also the reason that it does not survive pairing with Home Assistant across a reboot of HA. (Home Assistant seems to delete the whole integration on reboot as it discovers a paired device announcing availability and thus concludes that the paired device it must have been resetted and should be removed)
My idea was to try and block these announcements from the Heart on the network layer, as to prohibit the other device (could be Homekit or Home Assistant or something else) to see them, and thus hopefully keep the integration alive across reboots and over time.
But, this is only my theory, and if it now works for you with Homekit this may be two separate issues (where the Homekit one may have been resolved by some recent ios update perhaps)
Let us know if it still works after a week :wink:

So now it’s been a couple of days and everything still seems to be working.

Only “issue” is that when you start the Home app on any iPhone, iPad or Mac it is slow to update the status of all the Animus Heart devices, if you have patience and wait some 10-20 sec everything registers and works.

All my HomeKit automizations work without a hitch.

Curious, what are you using as “homekit hub”? AppleTV? is it wired or wifi? and is the heart wired or wifi?

Have you tested whether the integration “survives” a reboot of either of them?

I have 2 Apple TVs (one gen 4 and on 4K) in my home both set up as hubs, haven’t rebooted them but should probably do this just to check if, as you say, the setup survives a reboot of the hubs.

Both are connected to the network through wire as I strive for having stuff connected through wire if possible.

Aaaaand it didn’t survive a reboot of the hubs :frowning:

EDIT:// @magnus3 any success in blocking the Heart? Did you do it in the router or something?

Have not figured out this part yet, and it is just a theory of mine.
Right now my setup is surviving a homekit reboot (atv). Not sure about a reboot of the heart (will test this someday soon when I have time) , but it does not survive a reboot of my HA which is annoying but not crucial as it is quite straight forward to add it back again.

(I integrate both the heart and homekit via HA right now)

EDIT: I have now verified that both Home Assistant and HomeKit stay integrated across a reboot of the Heart.

EDIT2:Just updated to the latest framework (3.1.0), and so far it manages to stay integrated across a reboot of Home Assistant as well. So all looking good with this latest update for me!

EDIT3: Spoke a bit too soon. It worked across a few reboots of my HA, but then I performed a reset of the Homekit happ on the heart, and then added it back to HA again. Now the behaviour is the same as before, I need to readd the Heart to HomeAssistant whenever I restart HomeAssistant.

Is there any special integration you want running through HA?

Because so far with the latest update it (knock on wood) seems to work straight to homekit. The response time isn’t slow now either.

I think that once you start down the HA road, it is not easy to turn back :slight_smile: .

I integrate my Harmony Hub, my Charge Amps Car charger, and a few other devices right now. But just being able to build custom dashboards for different users and purposes is probably my main reason for using HA. All my scenes and automations (they are not many either) are still in my Heart, but when I want to manually control something I tend to use HA first, and Homekit second. (Never the Heart App frankly).
I don’t really like HomeKit that much either, it is too simple and limiting. The only reason for integrating with HomeKit at all for me is to allow Siri to perform stuff for me just because it is fun :slight_smile:

Just a tip for more complex automisations in HomeKit is to use Hasperus app. Homekit can do it, but for some reason you just can’t program them from the home app.

Simpler things i do directly in home app. But I’ve used Hasperus to for example program some lights to turn on or off depending on time of day and light level reading from a hue motion detector.