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Animus Heart?

Homekit problems

Anyone else having problems with the integration of the Heart and Homekit after the update to iOS 14 and/or the update of the Heart to v. 2.1.0? Everything works fine when adding the Heart and all it’s devices to Homekit but after a few hours, or sometimes a few days, the connection is lost (device not answering)?! Anyone have any ideas?

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Same problem here :confused:… sadly

Same here, every time i leave home or disconnect my iPhone from wifi HomeKit lose it’s connection to all devices

I am not having Homekit but since the release of 2.10 I lose contact with all my zwave units as soon as my phone is not connected to the network. Extremely frustrating

I have the same issue. After i have deleted my homekit Home from my Apple TV and iPhone SE (2020 edition) both with latest OS, i delete all the Animus Home devices thats connected and then reset the Animus Home controller to then add all devices again, rename them to what they are (ceiling lights, sensors and what not) then i add the Animus Home again to the HomeKit again and they work just fine just as it is for (just as you Said) sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days, then they just stop responding again

Looks Exactly like that for me as well!
Thing is, I bought animus home for several reasons, but what really made me buy it was the HomeKit integration. If they don’t fix it I will have to return it.

As Stefan said, it has to be with iOS14 and it’s new privacy protocols

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@vato could we possibly get some answers here?

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I filed a support case for this a week or so ago. Still have not heard anything not even hello…

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I logged a call almost a month ago, still no response…

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I have the exact same issue. I also submitted a bug report. No news yet.

Same problem here. But I have a kicker to all of this.

I experienced that the connection to Animus Heart was slow after the update to iOS 14 and tvOS 14. But I have 2 ATVs acting as HomeKit hubs in my home. I updated the 2nd ATV to tvOS 14 today and with that update the connection to my Heart is completely dead.

I think this is an Apple problem. But I would love of it’s fixable by the Animus team.

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Oh and I forgot to add. Everything works from the Home app on my Mac.

I only have this problem with iOS and iPadOS devices.

Sorry for tripple post.

Wifes iPhone still on iOS13. Everything works from her phone.

Same here, at least for a while, my mac managed to use all the animus connected to HomeKit but after a few days it had the same problem as on the iphone

What OS are you running on your Mac?

Latest version of Catalina.

Great. I bought the heart today but cant connect in homekit. ”No known issues…” says the animus home site. Cant have any known issues if you dont read support emails!

Was able to add it on my wifes iOS 13 phone. The devices works on my phone. Lets see for how long.

Ok, small update. I had added a sensor and then removed it and added it back again. (Don’t ask why). It wasn’t deleted in Apple Home (on my iOS 14 phone). So I searched and found this post and ran these commands:

enter heart
resetbundle “Animus Home Homekit”

I removed the bridge from Apple Home (on my iOS 14 phone), rebooted Animus Heart and added it back again (still on my iOS 14 phone) and this time it worked.