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How to add Fibaro door/window sensor?


I have been adding Fibaro dimmers, plugs and flood sensors and all have been working well. However, I just cannot seem to add the Fibaro door/window sensor, which according to https://www.animushome.com/en/partners/door-window-sensor should be compatible and working well.

My problem is that when I through the Animus app (ios) or web browswer go to “add device” -> Zwave -> Fibaro there simply is no door/window sensor in the list. It is really driving me crazy.

Anyone that have experienced anything similar or know how to add the device?


Did you solve this issue?
Trying to do the same, but the unit won’t pair. Thanks in advance

I manged to include Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2. It was difficult to get the sensor into pairing mode. I had to try several times to press the TMP-button three times in row. Finally it worked!