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How to add just specific button from Nexa remote?

Kinda new to this but running a few 433mhz Telldus and Nexa plugs with my Animus.
But have remote that’s connected to outdoor lighting, previously installed by old home owner.

I can easily connect the remote itself but if I want to connect say button 1 (on) and button 2 (off) as specific devices that I can run in an automation how is this done? So that i don’t need the remote anymore so to say. :slight_smile:

not quite sure what u are asking for, u have both the plugs and remote connected to homey?

if so, just make an automation for the plug. And if u want a virtual button, create one and put it in the automation.

Kind of tricky one to explain.

Its probably not a plug and I dont know where it is, installed by previous owner of our house. Have the remote and Animus finds it, but doesnt help since I want to add the plug or or switch/outlet but its installed inside a wall or behind the wooden panel in the back of our porch. Dont wanna tear it down.

Just want to add the breaker itself rather than add a remote were i just can see which buttons it register.

it’s probably something like this u have inside of the wall

and to connect it to animus u must open up to acess it…

And find the learning button

What i was guessing to but hopeing there was a way around it. Hoped that somehow by pressing the button that turnes it on on the remote you could locate an ID or something to find it manually. :slightly_frowning_face: Damn.

It sounds more than stupidity to install one of those behind a wooden panel. Are you sure that you don’t have it installed behind an outlet or something like that?


I can’t recall who did this but you can also add 433MHz switches like those with the ID and channel, if you know them. I know someone did it once, but as I said, can’t recall who and how the codes were exactly in that case.

Nevertheless, if you have a remote that works with those switches you can sort of catch that information when adding the remote, see image below:

Then you can add your switches that works with that ID in Advanced mode. See image below:

Meaning you don’t have to press the learning button. Can be a bit tricky to get this right sometimes I think.